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Ranges, stoves and cooktops have brought us out of the dark ages and into modern cooking. Could you imagine what it would be like if you had to make a fire every time you wanted to cook some food? That wouldn't be fun.

Ranges do break, and they never seem to break at a convenient time, if there is even such a thing. There is nothing worse than planning out a big meal only to find out that your range, stove or cooktop decides to break down in the middle of cooking. Houston, we have a problem. Now you have a bunch of hungry people, and a half cooked meal. What are you going to do about it?

Call Totem Appliance Service and let them handle your broken range, stove or cooktop. They can quickly send out a trained appliance repair technician that can fix your broken range just in time for the next meal. Treat yourself and your family to dinner at a restaurant tonight, and put all of the food in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

Emergency Tips!

Smoke or Sparking – unplug or shut off the breaker immediately.

Leaking water or overflowing - turn off the machine and shut off the water supply.

Standing water - DO NOT operate any appliance - turn off the breaker.

Smell gas (smells like rotten eggs) do not use your appliances. Exit your home and call for assistance from your gas company or 911. Shut off gas main if possible.

Appliance fire - use a fire extinguisher or baking soda to douse a flame. Flour, water or other substance can make it worse. Large fire, exit and call 911.

Metro Vancouver: (866) 933-1333
Calgary: (877) 700-5414
Fraser Valley: (888) 909-5160

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